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School Programs


Melbourne Adventure Hub in conjuction with Conservation Hub are passionate about the environment and animal protection. We offer a range of free animal protection and environmental talks. These are available in conjunction with our other outdoor programs or simply on their own.

Darren is extremely passionate about animal rights and works closely with a number of animal rights and environmental groups. He uses his knowledge and experience in this area to help meet your curriculum outcomes. Some of the classes that this is suitable for are Environmental studies, Sociology, Political studies, Food Technology or simply for the entire year level to bring awareness to these issues.

Darren has worked with groups such as Sea Shepherd, Animals Australia, Humane Research Australia and Animal Aid. Many topics are available including:

  • Factory Farming
  • Ocean Health
  • Medical research
  • Tourism
  • Plastic waste
  • Darren’s life as an animal activist

All these presentations are voluntary and completely free, although many of the groups Darren works with rely purely on donations so any contribution made is greatly appreciated.

Fill in the contact form on the right for more details.

Outdoor School Programs

  • Discover the personal and group benefits that outdoor adventures provide
  • You're in safe hands, we’re proud of our 100% safety record
  • We’ve got programs designed for all ages, from grade 5 to VCE
  • A huge range of activities

Our aim is to share the simple pleasures of life, which the world of nature affords through adventure challenges and self-discovery. Melbourne Adventure Hub prides itself in having a diverse team of passionate selfless guides and support staff to ensure safe and enjoyable adventures for school groups.

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Multi Activity Adventure Camp

school camps

There are many multi activity adventure camp options to fit within your budget, curriculum and timeframe. We can simply just run day activities for you or organise the entire camp including catering, transport, night time activities, accommodation and equipment hire.

There are several camps we work with around Warrandyte, Wonga Park and the Yarra Valley. These locations are ideal as they allow students to do a huge variety of adventures all within a short period of time, offering excellent value for money. This is available for a single class up to entire year levels of over 200 students.

This camp is typically run between 3 and 5 days with 4 to 10 activities in that time. It is very easy to swap different activities to fit your budget and learning objectives. The activities available can include:

  • White Water Kayaking
  • Caving
  • Abseiling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Obstacle Course
  • River Sledding
  • Leadership Skills
  • River Skills
  • Mountain Bike Riding
  • Bush Survival
  • Orienteering
  • History hike or paddle
  • Environmental hike or paddle
  • Hike (including overnight hike)

Please click on the tabs below for more information on these activities.

Here is what one of our clients had to say about this program:

“Thank you guys for such a well organised, fun and educational 3 days. I personally enjoyed it and I know my class loved the activities. I thought your instructors were fantastic. They related well to the boys and were clearly experts in their fields as well as fun. The caterers were excellent and the location beautiful and suitable for what we wanted.

I can’t say enough about how well organised you have been. It has been really easy dealing with everyone at MAH whether by phone or email. We have always been in the loop which has made transferring that info to the kids and staff easy”.

Glen Robertson Year 9 Phys Ed Coordinator Emmanuel College

205 students, 26th – 28th October 2016, rebooked for November 2017

Adventure Days

school set activitesMelbourne Adventure Hub offers a range of Adventure Days which students will absolutely love, whilst giving them an appreciation for the environment and learning valuable skills which are vital in teamwork and leadership. Please email or call us to get an information sheet on any of these Adventure Days.

White Water Kayaking - This is normally run on the Yarra River throughout Wonga Park, Warrandyte and Templestowe, which all have fantastic grade 1 &2 beginner rapids. The craft that is used are two person inflatable kayaks because they are extremely safe, reliable and easy to control.

Caving - We get some of our best feedback from students after Caving. The most common site we use is Yarra Junction because it is very easy to access and we can take slightly bigger numbers there. It is also an extremely safe cave as there are a number of exits and entrances, whilst still being very challenging and tight in some parts. On their spelunking journey students will experience the true adventure of a labyrinth within the granite boulder cave system whilst spotting creatures like glow worms and cave crickets. There are also other caves available upon request.

Rock Climbing - There are a number of locations we use for rock climbing including; Cathedral Ranges, Werribee Gorge, Brisbane Ranges, You Yangs and Warrandyte, all of which provide a challenging and rewarding experience for individuals as they achieve different levels of skill on the numerous climbs set up as well as learning the mutual trust involved in belaying a climber.

Abseiling- Similar to rock climbing there are a number of locations available for Abseiling including; Healesville, Cathedral Ranges, Werribee Gorge, Brisbane Ranges and Warrandyte. Students will have the choice to confront their fears and trust in their natural abilities. We also work with a number of camps and have access to their onsite Abseil Towers.

Orienteering - Run in a variety of locations in parks around Melbourne this activity is designed to keep students engaged in their teams whilst travelling around to various checkpoint stations on a set course. They will learn map reading skills, basic navigation using a compass and have a number of team challenges along the way and riddles to work out together. This is a great team activity.

River Sledding – This is a huge amount of fun and is mostly run on the upper Yarra River as well as at a number of other locations around Victoria. These purpose built craft are perfectly designed for individuals to navigate their way down the small rapids and challenge themselves as they learn the technical skills necessary to control their own craft.

White Water Rafting - This is the ultimate adventure to get students out into nature, whilst having a fantastic time. We use the Big River or King River as they are fairly close to Melbourne, while providing some fun rapids. The rafting season in Victoria is normally from July to November.

Leadership Skills - This program consists of a series of team initiative based activity stations that groups rotate through. The activities are dynamic and visual to engage students and keep their interest whilst working on a variety of leadership skills that vary from one activity to another. It includes full activity briefing and debriefing discussions with groups as it has a strong emphasis on creating specific learning outcomes based on the student’s needs.

Educational Days

activity weeks

Melbourne Adventure Hub specialises in education focused adventures. Our experiences challenge and empower students to learn about themselves and the environment in an interactive setting. Please email or call us to get an information sheet on any of these Educational Days.

River Skills – It will aid in helping to prepare the students for other outdoor recreation and water based activities they will encounter during their lives by building their confidence and awareness of the dangers around moving water. This program focuses on situations that will confront the students during everyday life when exposed to the potential hazards associated with open water activities. From this it will build confidence and resilience and teach students how to take responsibility for their own personal safety through ‘active learning’ and by performing a series of ‘risk assessments’ in a variety of situations as they experience safely swimming rapids, performing river crossings and self-rescue scenarios.

Kayak & River Skills – If you want to give students a fun kayaking experience and have them take away some lifelong skills and knowledge as well, this is perfect for you. During the kayak journey the group will stop at certain rapids to perform a variety of practical skills as well as discussing river features in terms of the risks they pose and how to remain safe in moving water.

Sledding & River Skills – Just like the program above, students will have a fun adventure and learn some valuable skills about river safety.

Bush Survival – Combine bush walking in a variety of great locations with a series of group survival initiative activities along the way. Students will learn more about their environment whilst experiencing a survival scenario, basic 1st Aid training, a rescue scenario and some bush cooking, all as they navigate their survival journey through the bush.

Paddle Through History – This program combines white water kayaking through Warrandyte which is a historical gold discovery site where students will get to learn and experience more than just an adventure activity; they will gain knowledge of the original purpose of these sites in relation to the gold rush era of Warrandyte and get to fully experience them up close and personal. They will also gain knowledge of the first indigenous Australians to inhabit this area, known as the Wurundjeri people and their strong connection to the Yarra River which to them is known as Birrarung.

Walk Through History - This is a land based program set in the Warrandyte area where students will re-enact the gold rush era by visiting historical gold discovery sites, participating in some simple fossicking and gold panning, broadening their cultural awareness of Indigenous Australians, enjoying some basic bush cooking, and experience their natural bush environment whilst doing some wildlife spotting.

Melbourne City Kayak - The Yarra River is an important part of Melbourne history both for the Aboriginal culture and European settlers. Kayaking along the river, stopping at key historical spots and discussing the history of it is a great way for students to get involved. We will also discuss environmental issues facing the river and what students can do to help.

Kayak Clean Up – This program will teach students about an extremely important environmental issue; plastic pollution. They will have the opportunity to see firsthand how much plastic in the rivers and the devastating effect this has on the oceans and marine life. Students will be able to have a positive impact by cleaning up a section of the river, counting amount of rubbish collected and then added that onto a national database to help effect real change.

Low Ropes Obstacle Course – There are a number of camps to choose from with challenge obstacle courses to get students working together on their leadership abilities as well as learning how to work effectively within a team environment. This activity works well as a lead in to high ropes courses or rock climbing.

Combination Days

addition activities

For educational purposes, we recommend a single activity in one day, to give us more time for discussion and learning on our adventure. However, many clients choose to do two activities in a single day. We understand schools have a tight budget and they want to get as much value as possible so doing two activities in a single day makes a lot of sense. Some of the benefits are:

  • One CRT cost
  • One bus cost
  • Less time students are out of school
  • Second activity at a highly-discounted rate

Here are a number of combinations that work well together. Please email or call us to get an information sheet on any of these Combination Days.

  • Rock, River, Rescue
  • Kayak and Cave
  • Kayak, Rock Climb and Abseil
  • Rock Climb / Abseil and Cave
  • Rock Climb and Abseil (no addition charge for this combination)
  • Abseil and River Sledding
  • Kayak / River Skills & Rock Climb / Abseil
  • River Sledding and Cave
  • City Kayak & Koori Trust
  • Orienteering and Kayaking
  • Leadership & Challenge Valley
  • Bush Survival and Caving
  • Kayak & History


"Melbourne Adventure Hub is the principal activity provider for Viewbank College's Duke of Edinburgh program. I have first-hand experience from working with one of Victoria's other premier Outdoor Education providers, and can highly recommend MAH as an expertly organised and professional organisation. Our tailored school programs have been very effective in terms of meeting our educational and experiential outcomes. MAH staff adhere to Adventure Activity Standards and we were provided with risk management details before commencement of activities. Students (and staff) thoroughly enjoy their time while out and about with Melbourne Adventure Hub."

- David Antrobus - Teacher - Viewbank College – Melbourne

"Just like to say thank you for the fantastic day we had on the Kayaking trip at Wonga Park. Your three instructors were fantastic with the boys, and very thorough with their skills and safety instructions."

- Steve Laska - St James College

 "I have used Melbourne Adventure Hub a number of times for our school’s Outdoor Education programs and have found Darren and his staff exceptional. They have a great deal of knowledge and expertise, not only of the activities, but also of the local areas in which we’ve travelled through, and to top it off are friendly and engaging which makes the experience even more fun and enjoyable for our students and staff. With our school having many varying degrees of special needs I have found Melbourne Adventure Hub very professional and accommodating to all our groups and would highly recommend them to other schools and special needs groups. "

- Matt Sofoulis – Outdoor Education Coordinator – Rossbourne School, Melbourne.

"Thank you guys for such a well organised, fun and educational 3 days. I personally enjoyed it and I know my class loved the activities. I thought your instructors were fantastic. They related well to the boys and were clearly experts in their fields as well as fun. The caterers were excellent and the location beautiful and suitable for what we wanted.

I can’t say enough about how well organised you have been. It has been really easy dealing with everyone at MAH whether by phone or email. We have always been in the loop which has made transferring that info to the kids and staff easy".

Glen Robertson Year 9 Phys Ed Coordinator Emmanuel College

205 students, 26th – 28th October 2016, rebooked for November 2017

Recommended partners

We understand schools want a range of adventure tours as part of their outdoor education or camps programs. So here are some other fantastic outdoor adventure and education programs we work with and recommend.


Dive2U is a mobile scuba diving operation that offers a variety of in-water adventures and marine education services for school and corporate groups. Being 100% mobile allows them to bring their services 2U, be it in your school, community pool, local beach or desired location. From marine education through their DiveSCI program, to try scuba diving experiences, to guided snorkel tours right through to complete scuba camps, Dive2U offers professional services guaranteed to educate and inspire.

visit Dive2U

Segway Victoria

This is a fun and unique experience that can be run at your school, part of a camp or a number of other locations.

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Self Defence Hub

The Self Defence For Schools Program is suitable for children as young as 4 years old to college, and university students. We manage the program to according to age and group energy.

We teach through fun and positive motivation to ensure your students have a great experience learning more about self defence and finding their voice in confronting situations.

We pride ourselves in creating a program that not only empowers students but also makes them think about the importance of attitude and confidence. Our main aim is to educate students on conflict resolution and what to do in situations when they feel unsafe.

visit Self Defence Hub