Looking to get someone a full day of fun adventure, but not sure which to choose? Then this is the voucher for your looking for! This voucher gives the bearer a choice between three (3) exciting full day combinations. All options include a delicious lunch and are based in the Yarra Valley.

Full Day Combinations Available

White Water Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Caving
White Water Kayaking & Caving
Caving and River Sledding

White Water Kayaking

Upon arrival they will be greeted by our fun guides who will take them though a skills and safety briefing. Then they hit the water for a fun day out.

As they kayak along the river they’ll hit some grade 1-2 rapids and have ample opportunity to test their new found white water kayaking skills. Their adventure guide will also be giving them some information about the area and how it was formed while they kayak on the calmer parts of the river.

Rock Climb & Abseil Introduction

They will be given a harness and helmet. During the afternoon session they will get plenty of opportunity to test their skills at both Rock Climbing and Abseiling, trying different abseiling techniques like starting off walking down backwards and if they’re up for it they can try running forward. There is also a number of different rock climbs which will challenge them in different ways.


They’ll strap on a helmet, head torch and climb, slither, push as well as navigate their way through an exciting cave system. Inside this brand new world they’ll get to see phosphorous glow worms, cave crickets and other amazing cave-dwelling critters. Some spots are tight where they will need to wriggle like a worm, other spots they will be able to stand up and walk around.

River Sledding

This activity is a huge amount of fun! River Sleds are purpose built craft that are designed specifically to allow beginners to journey down the grade 1 & 2 rapids of the Yarra River within the stunning Warburton region. Laying down on the sled they will at times drift down the river in a relaxed state whilst taking in the lush green scenery of the tall mountain ash, red gums and ferns. At other times they will be adventuring and negotiating their way down the rapids, holding onto the handles of the sled as they dip over some small rapid drops.


All adventures are located East of Melbourne:

  • White Water Kayaking – Wonga Park
  • Rock Climb / Abseil – Warrandyte
  • Caving – Yarra Junction
  • River Sledding – Warburton


White Water Kayaking, Caving, Rock Climbing and Abseiling are available all year round, River Sledding is available from November to May.


  • Professional guides
  • Kayaking equipment including
  • All rock climbing, abseiling & safety gear
  • Caving / spelunking equipment
  • River Sledding equipment


Minimum age: 12 years
Maximum weight: 110 kg
Adults to accompany children under the age of: 16 years.
Participants under 18 years old must have their forms filled in by parent or guardian
Participants must be able to swim at least 25 meters.
IMPORTANT FOR CAVING: They will be navigating through tight spaces that open into large spaces. Because of this, we do not recommended this adventure for people who are over 105kg (unless you are tall and in proportion).
You must have your own transport to get to the site, as we do not offer pick ups.