At Adventure Hub we get to take a lot of people out Rock Climbing. It is an activity that is quite physically challenging and most trips not everyone will make it to the top of the cliff. Something I have come to realise and find interesting is a lot of time you can see who

I believe it is so important to keep history alive, from an old tall ship, homestead, old train, old planes, old cars and many more. It is important that these things are kept to give younger people the opportunity to experience them, giving them an appreciation of how things used to be. The issue that

Any business that is based on memberships such as a Gym, Martial Arts club, University club and other social groups will always be looking for ways to increase overall memberships. Doing some sort of an event, like an outdoor adventure day can play a big part in helping with this. Any business that is based

It is no secret that students have become disengaged with nature. The new millennium has swept in with a tidal wave of new technology and although the digital age has it’s merits and technology is almost unavoidable in this era, the artificial environment we have created for ease and convenience has led to more time

In my last post Benefits of Outdoor Education for School Children I talked a bit about some of the issues facing students growing up in metropolitan areas in this age of technology. I arrived at a rather unsettling observation when I realised many school-aged children living in larger cities have really only experienced the simulated